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see Père David's deerPère David's deer
, Asian deer, Elaphurus davidianus, known only in a semidomesticated state. Also known as milu and elaphure, it has a bulky, donkeylike body, reaching a shoulder height of nearly 4 ft (120 cm), with a tufted tail longer than that of any other deer.
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But while the Shenyang council has constructed a special stage for a post-match World Cup celebration concert, Milu issues the traditional manager's warning: "There are no easy games, we cannot assume anything."
The adaptation of Milu was documented to a certain extent, it was found that the animal's behavioural rhythms changed during acclimation to the new habitat.
The word that occurred to me was "tedious." So, I did not pay much attention to how much improvement has been made to these sorts of programs in the last few years until I happened on a session at the recent East Central Writing Center Association Conference where the presenters mentioned the social and organizational dimensions of two reference management programs, Mendeley and Zotero (Milu, Elenbaas, Jackson, & Nguyen).
For the meaning of mar meli see CAD M/II 70 milu 1 3': "her voice is that (lit.: the son) of the flood." Note that "flood" (abubu, agu, milu) is a conventional metaphor for "force" (Streck 1999: 181-82).
joh kon jankun marankun mara kumira-kiramor in huran-arin rin kankun kom pamankuk kateleguk aharep rin dunhil anilu kon kuntul kon manunkul milu manilu mulat rin melem amulay wesanyatah wisesan bisu si besi bisan panhelw i sisili Hey you, jankun, you hunch, go and make a plot mixing with the unsuspecting shrimps!
According to Milu, "The dilemma facing most companies is the false impression that Going Green is complicated and expensive.
CLEVER: This Arlington peat leather ottoman is also a storage trunk, pounds 609; HANGING ON: Tidy your coats with this hat stand from Milu, pounds 215 in the Maskreys sale; CUPBOARDS: Ligne Roset offer a range of different storage solutions
8-Princesse Milu: Elle a foncierement decu a sa derniere sortie alors qu'elle restait sur une belle victoire sur 1600 Metres, presentee dans la plenitude de ses moyens, elle peut venir troubler l'arrivee a belle cote pour peu qu'elle arrive a gerer sa valse de jockey.