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(graphic arts)
A duplicating device for making copies by means of a stretched stencil and ink roller.



a stencil-printing machine for rapid duplication of documents in small- and medium-sized batches. The stencil is made on special stencil paper by typewriter or by photoelectric, photomechanical, or galvanic means. The stencil is set on a drum whose surface is inked by an inking device. During printing, ink is forced through the openings of the stencil and onto a sheet of paper. The sheets are fed by an automatic friction feeder along an inclined tray, pass between the printing drum and the stencil, receive the ink image, and are fed out to a receiving tray. The mimeograph can print 6,000 copies per hour on large-format sheets (30 X 45 cm), but the copies are not of high quality.

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I returned to Demian's apartment a week after meeting him, but I met there only his embittered landlord, who was refinishing the scarred floor where the mimeograph machine had been.
Lee establishes Third World Press in his Southside Chicago basement apartment with $400, a used mimeograph machine, and the help of poets Johari Amini and Carolyn Rodgers.
McCombs' dad, Philip, who owned and ran Allen's Press Clipping Bureau, donated a mimeograph machine to the operation.
Eventually, though, the process led to the modern technique of photocopying, which has virtually eliminated the mimeograph machine and greatly reduced the need for carbon paper.
Last season, Heubener, a play by Russian professor Tom Rogers, was restaged after a 15-year moratorium; initially banned from production at Ballif's Theatre 138 or elsewhere by church and/or university officials (Rogers will not say which), the play tells the true story of Heubener, a 17-year-old Mormon in Nazi Germany who distributed anti-Nazi leaflets copied on a church mimeograph machine.
When Mike and I purchased Kamaji in 1980, the closest we came to technology was the vintage 1959 electric typewriter and a huge-barreled mimeograph machine that was part of the "furniture" of Kamaji's office.
During a time when black and white activists rarely fraternized, Stamper reported that his apartment on the campus of Bowling Green University in Ohio was the only place where black activists and white activists came together to talk, strategize and crank out news releases on a mimeograph machine Stamper owned.
Another excellent newspaper reporter told of working for underground newspapers and using her advanced pregnancy to distract secret police attention from the mimeograph machine provided by a European labor union that she helped smuggle from Warsaw to Krakow.
Once inside the FSLN, they were not willing simply to serve coffee and male sexual appetites or to crank the mimeograph machine.
In the first place, when certain literary works were distributed strictly among friends, the mimeograph machine worked reasonably well for the task, but the thought that Latin American literature was not widely distributed until the advent of the copy machine is puzzling to say the least.
After humble beginnings with a mimeograph machine, she later recited her spiritual visitors' messages (on both mundane and heavenly matters) straight into a tape recorder for distribution to followers nationwide.
He and some young comrades once printed a small propaganda sheet with a stolen mimeograph machine, and Zhang pocketed the profit they made from selling the first batch.