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Relationship to other species: It is the triclinic polymorph of minasragrite (monoclinic) and orthominasragrite (orthorhombic).
Name: For the relationship to minasragrite and orthominasragrite.
Associated minerals are: ferricopiapite, kornelite, rozenite, szomolnokite, sulfur, montroseite, anorthominasragrite, orthominasragrite, minasragrite and an unidentified yellow-green hydrated Fe-V sulfate.
Associated minerals are: pyrite, "various iron sulfates," sulfur, minasragrite and an as-yet undescribed vanadium sulfate.
Relationship to other species: It is the orthorhombic polymorph of minasragrite.
Name: For the relationship with minasragrite, the monoclmic polymorph.