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If you're wondering what a forensic mind reader is, Cloud's skills range from telling people what they had for lunch, where they have been that day, what they do for a living, the car they drive and where they live, and even their PIN CODE.
According to Louisa, publicist for the post-Edinburgh UK tour which brings him to County Durham: "If you're wondering what a forensic mind reader is, imagine that someone can tell what you've had for lunch, where you've been that day, what you do for a living, the car you drive, even your pin code, just from looking at you."
Applying the Communication-Based View to the Mind Reader Machine
In this latest offering from Oakridge's Zero Clearance Theater Company, playwright Tim Kelly imagines a wealthy mind reader whose enemies want to do him in and steal his money.
"As a mind reader, it's funny that I didn't have a good idea where I'd be in the future," Mr.
London, Aug 7 (ANI): A mind reader left David Beckham stunned when his prediction about a match turned out to be exactly the same in reality.
Are u meant 2 b a mind reader? Jealousy can b v destructive but ur m8 shld come 2 her senses.
Billed as the mind reader who can't read minds, Chris's show, Control Freak, is an exploration of free will, fate and choice.
Extraordinary People: The Million Dollar Mind Reader (9.00pm)
"Send me a mind reader," more than one client has requested.