mind reading

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mind reading:

see parapsychologyparapsychology,
study of mental phenomena not explainable by accepted principles of science. The organized, scientific investigation of paranormal phenomena began with the foundation (1882) of the Society for Psychical Research in London.
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; telepathytelepathy,
supposed communication between two persons without recourse to the senses. The word was formulated in 1882 by Frederic William Henry Myers, English poet, essayist, and a leading founder of the Society for Psychical Research in London.
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The mind reading DNA duo Darren and Andrew will bring their intriguing and fascinating act to the Awards evening on 14 June 2018
The business of mind reading goes back to the ancient Greeks who had oracles and seers who could tell the future.
I suspect that Bancroft and Rabinowitz could have made all their points effectively without bringing in the subject of mind reading.
Magicians had nine minutes to do their tricks, ranging from cards, ropes, coins to illusions and mind reading.
Witness the magic of mind reading and illusion with this mentalist from Germany
For Zunshine, our mind reading capacity is foundational to our social existence--our mapping of our social world.
Dittelman has mined success from his "America's Got Talent" mind reading appearances (which included seeming to correctly predict what colors Howard Stern chose to draw on a portrait), performing nationwide and most recently being seen on TV on "The Ellen Degeneres Show.
Mind reading is "knowing" what other people are thinking and feeling without any evidence but your own assumptions, e.
Mind reading has also caught the public's imagination.
Card Tricks is one of the 'Secrets of Magic' series that includes other aspects of magic such as mind reading and illusions.
THAT old saying "What's for you, won't go by you" springs to mind reading the heartwarming outcome for the lucky teenager who finally listened to his Mum regarding tidying up his room.
You will never need a password again Mind reading is no longer science fiction