Miner's Lamp

miner's lamp

[′mīn·ərz ‚lamp]
(mining engineering)
Any one of a variety of lamps used by a miner to furnish light, such as oil lamps, carbide lamps, flame safety lamps, and cap lamps.

Miner’s Lamp


a battery-powered lamp used by persons moving from place to place in mines or working at a fixed location; it is also used as a standby light source where illumination is normally supplied from an electric distribution system.

There are two types of miner’s lamps: hand-held and head-mounted. The storage batteries of the latter are fastened to the belt, and the lamp is mounted on the miner’s helmet. Head-mounted lamps are the only type used in mines in the USSR. The best types have a hermetically sealed storage battery. In the USSR such batteries are provided for models SGG-3 and SGG-lk, hermetically sealed head-mounted lamps, in which the battery is charged through the head lamp and a cable. This design makes it possible for miners to service the lamps themselves. Each miner is assigned a lamp and a charging position on the battery charger. The lamp is rated at 30 lumens and will operate a minimum of 10 hr; the weight is approximately 2 kg. Models SGG-3 and SGG-lk are approved for use in mines where there is a gas or dust hazard.

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The site is now the Stadium Of Light, the home ground of Sunderland Football Club, which has a large miner's lamp near the entrance and a winding wheel memorial at the back.
The Welsh Industry rooms tell the story of the country from pit to port with cogs in the rugs and on the mugs, a coal scuttle waste bin and miner's lamp on the desk.
Visitors will meet Professor Parkyr, a world expert in unexplained underground life forms, and with the help of a magical miner's lamp will go on a special mission to track down and uncover the stories and secrets of the Wonderfolk.
You are wearing a hard hat with a miner's lamp, a utility belt clipped with an emergency respirator--you know how to use it because you've just been trained--a yellow reflector vest and safety glasses.
Derby sixth Western Hymn, Sir Michael Stoute's (above) Derby Trial winner Snow Sky and Godolphin's progressive Miner's Lamp look most likely to chase him home.
That said, when nature gets worked up nothing can stop it, not even a miner's lamp.
Gas and coal dust were highly flammable and this type of miner's lamp enclosed the flame for the protection of workers underground.
Visitors are allowed to descend into Beamish's very own drift mine, which was worked for more than a century, but can do so only after listening to an informative run-through of the development of the miner's lamp.
Northern writers vice-chairman Derrick Grocock, who presented Kia communications chief Steve Kitson with the traditional miner's lamp trophy, said: "Over the last 12 months there have been some fantastic new products brought to car buyers by the world's most vibrant and innovative industry - but despite that competition the Kia Cee'd was a clear winner in the voting.
We need somewhere you can buy a book, a rusty bridle, a miner's lamp, a 1930s radio which needs fixing, old photo albums and maybe a shrunken head or two.
Humphry Davy, inventor of the miner's lamp, tested the gas on himself and his friends, documenting it as a recreational drug.