mineral spirit

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mineral spirit, petroleum spirit

A flammable thinner having a low-aromatic hydrocarbon content obtained in petroleum distillation; widely used in paints and varnishes. also see odorless mineral spirit.
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A commercial fast-drying soya alkyd with a solid content of 55 wt% in mineral spirits was used both in the 250 g/L VOC soy reactive dikuent-based stain (soy formula) and the 550 g/L VOC control formula (control A).
In only two cases did specimens fabricated with material Pultru-G-U result in average shear strengths greater than the ASTM requirement: untreated/dry condition and mineral spirit treatment/dry condition.
The company uses methylene chloride, mineral spirits and water in its degreasing-of-parts and cleaning operations.
The initial pressure methods matched well with mineral spirit absorption tests to delineate between normal and high permeability wood.
I'm told the same thing can be done with odorless mineral spirits and that removes the need for a two-week hang to quit stinking, but I haven't tried that yet.
Pigment Yellow 74 is slightly soluble in mineral spirits but is not soluble in water (Figure 1), therefore it will maintain its crystal structure.
EPA cited the company for RCRA violations involving hazardous wastes stored at the maintenance facility, including lead-contaminated rags, lead-contaminated transformer flushing oil, mercury-containing lamps, and mineral spirits.
Any leftover pen marks clean up quickly with alcohol or mineral spirits and a patch.
They are effective alternatives to conventional solvents such as mineral spirits and mineral turpentine.
Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Solvents and Thinners Market by Type (Varnish Markets & Paints, Mineral Spirits and Others), Application (Paints &Coatings, Pharmaceutical, Adhesives, Printing Inks and Others) and Geography - Global Forecast to 2020
You have to mask off porous surfaces and keep mineral spirits handy.
The material can be cleaned with diluted bleach, alcohol, mineral spirits, Armor All and also pressure washed.