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Europe is blessed with mineral springs, many rich in carbon dioxide, some possessing small amounts of radioactivity.
In the Tuzla borough of Istanbul are located mineral springs of great importance which have been known and used since ancient times.
Like Thomas Chambers, Charlene Boyer Lewis, Jon Sterngass and others, Gassan looks to the elite social milieu that coalesced around a small number of supposedly health-promoting mineral springs as the origins of an extensive American affinity for leisure travel and tourism.
From conservancy property on Neversink near Fairview Street, the trail will stretch through Egelman's, Pendora and Mineral Spring parks into Mount Penn and the Antietam Lake watershed.
The natural hot mineral spring resort of Nabe al-Hayat (Fountain of Life), located in Jbab Village in Daraa, southern Syria, has been acquiring an increasing fame for the various therapeutic services it offers.
In this spirit, health institutions have begun in recent years to market themselves as a health tourism destination, and quickly ranked second after France in mineral spring water treatment, and second among African nations in sea water treatment.
It comes in eight colours, including Mineral Spring shown here, and it is easy to use.
While many people associate the practice of soaking in hot mineral spring baths with Europe, most are not aware that a historical spring bath tradition exists in America as well.
The Bario highlands have long been known to be goiter-free and to have high-iodine well water and high-iodine, locally produced salt boiled down from mineral spring water; the salt was traded regionally.
99 [pounds sterling], were based on the principles of Eastern medicine and contained organic agaricus mushroom, Brazilian eucalyptus, the mineral tourmaline and Japanese mineral spring ions.
When they discovered that the waters welling beneath the property possessed "medicinal qualities," the Luers rushed to build a hotel to capitalize on a growing trend of mineral spring health spas.