miniaturized satellite

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miniaturized satellite

A communications satellite that is considerably smaller and lighter than the geostationary satellites that weigh several tons. Smaller satellites are less costly to manufacture and deploy and can be piggybacked on rockets with the launch of larger satellites. Miniaturized satellites are designated by their maximum weight, as follows:
 Approximate             Maximum WeightType                    (pounds)

 minisatellite (minisat)   1,100

 microsatellite (microsat)   220

 nanosatellite (nanosat)      22

 picosatellite (picosat)       2.2
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One such satellite projects is the construction of a type of student miniaturized satellite, "the general outlines of the project have been approved by APSCO, and the first round of negotiations over the details and financial issues will start on March 28, 2016 in China.
The miniaturized satellites will conduct research in 3D-printed polymers for in-space manufacturing, weather data collection, bit flip memory testing, radar calibration and the effects of space radiation on electronic components.
Miniaturized satellites called CubeSats, whose components are typically made using commercial off-the-shelf components, were conceptualized to cut down the cost of developing space ready equipment.
Increased deployment of small satellites driving the growth of the market There is a growing trend in the satellite industry to reduce the weight of satellites and their payload, which, in turn, has propelled satellite manufacturers to focus on the development of miniaturized satellites. These small/miniaturized satellites are increasing in number in comparison to the medium and large satellites.