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A self-contained package of reel-to-reel magnetic tape that resembles a cassette or cartridge but is slightly different in design and dimensions.
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(Quarter Inch Cartridge) A magnetic tape technology introduced in the early 1980s that was used for backup. It was the only popular magnetic tape format for personal computers. The "quarter inch" name came from the original tape width; however, subsequent Travan drives used wider .315" tape.

Travan and SLR
Personal computer magnetic tape backup has long been superseded by flash drives and the Internet. However, the two QIC formats that survived the longest were 3.5" Travan minicartridges and the 5.25" SLR data cartridges. Most drives supported cartridges one generation back. See Travan, QIC-Wide, QIC-EX and magnetic tape.

3.5" MINICARTRIDGES (Native Capacity)QIC    QIC-DC-2000   Wide  Travan   QIC-EXFormat      .25"  .315"   .315" .25-.315"
 QIC-40      40MB
 QIC-80     125MB  200MB   400MB   500MB
 QIC-3010   340MB  420MB   800MB   1.1GB
 QIC-3020   680MB  850MB   1.6GB   2.2GB
 QIC-3040   840MB    1GB           2.5GB
 QIC-3050     1GB  1.3GB           3.1GB
 QIC-3080   1.6GB    2GB             5GB
 QIC-3095            2GB     4GB     5GB
 QIC-3210          2.3GB           5.1GB
 QIC-3230            8GB    10GB    20GB

 5.25" DATA CARTRIDGES (Native Capacities)Tandberg DataScalable Linear Recording (SLR)
 SLR5        4GB
 SLR7       20GB
 SLR60      30GB
 SLR75      38GB
 SLR100     50GB
 SLR140     70GB

 Earlier DC-6000Data Cartridges
 QIC-150   250MB
 QIC-525   525MB
 QIC-1000    1GB
 QIC-2GB     2GB
 QIC-5GB     5GB
 QIC-5010   13GB
 QIC-5210   25GB

QIC Cartridge
The supply and take-up hubs were moved by a belt (red) pressed against the tape. When the cartridge was inserted, the capstan was rotated by the drive motor.

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SFF Half-Inch Cartridge/ Other Data Cartridge 22.14% 8mm Helical Scan 4.78% 4mm Helical Scan 50.95% 1/4-Inch Data Cartridge 4.25% Minicartridge 17.89% Figure 1- DDS drives (4mm helical scan) have maintained their dominant market share (Source: Gartner Dataquest) Note: Table made from pie chart.
The Bio-Rad Variant Hemoglobin Testing System is an automated HPLC instrument that uses a minicartridge filled with a cation-exchange polymer material.
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Normal rates of price decline run about 5% to 15% a year with DAT and minicartridge products showing a compound rate of price decline averaging 33% (See Table).
The TR-1 minicartridge provides users with 400Mb of storage capacity.
The most popular tape drives for standalone computers and workstations are those that use minicartridges: They are small, easy to transport and some hold as much as 4 Gb.
For those of us with valuable data in more than 250Mb chunks and equally valuable time, 3M has offered a partial solution: the DC2120XL Ximat-formatted minicartridges. The cartridges contain 425ft of tape versus the 307.5ft in the original DC2120 tapes.
The price of additional DC2120XL Ximat-formatted minicartridges should be about $25.
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