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a small recordable compact disc


(1) See mini CD.

(2) An earlier 2.5" digital audio disc from Sony that was available in a rewritable magneto-optic (MO) version or as read-only like a music CD. The disc also stored track titles, and although its 140MB capacity was much smaller than a CD, it held 80 minutes of music due to Sony's Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding compression (see ATRAC3).

Introduced in 1992, the MiniDisc Walkman was popular in Japan, but not in the U.S. The MiniDisc MD DATA drive came out a year later for computer storage but never caught on. There were few pre-recorded albums compared to audio tape cassettes, and CD usage was growing exponentially. Walkman production ceased in 2011. See Walkman and magneto-optic disk.

MiniDisc Cartridge
Somewhat popular in Japan, the MiniDisc attracted very few followers in the U.S.
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We managed to get hold of three minidisc players, none of which The Vengaboys' sound technician accepted.
To make your audio CDs using your computer, you will either make a recording using a familiar recording device (cassette, MiniDisc or DAT) and import that recording into your computer or record directly into your computer.
Examples of such consumer electronic products include the MiniDisc, recordable CDs, the digital audio tapes, and the MP3 player.
But then we got the minidisc back through the post with Kylie's jingle on it.
Garbage's new album, Beautiful Garbage, Natalie Imbruglia's, White Lillies Island and Sum 41's All Killer No Filler, were thus reduced to minidisc.
Seen as a replacement for the audiocassette when it was introduced in 1990, the minidisc immediately struggled to win consumer attention.
4 billion by 2005, we anticipate that more people will want to take their downloaded music with them," said Tracy Farrington, marketing manager for portable MiniDisc players at Sony Electronics.
While the audio minidisc was originally launched in 1994, the first generation of products came with no recording ability, but that situation changed two years ago when a recordable minidisc reached the market.
Betting heavily that it will, Sony Electronics has begun an extensive campaign to convince consumers that the Minidisc is the heir apparent to the audiocassette.
The former Brookside actress, who last month won ITV reality chef show Hell's Kitchen, made headlines yesterday when it emerged police had questioned her over the alleged theft of a journalist's Sony Minidisc player.
In a snapshot of the nation's changing tastes, regional cheeses are included at the expense of cheese slices, while digital cameras are now more indicative of spending habits than minidisc players.