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a small recordable compact disc


(1) See mini CD.

(2) An earlier 2.5" digital audio disc from Sony that was available in a rewritable magneto-optic (MO) version or as read-only like a music CD. The disc also stored track titles, and although its 140MB capacity was much smaller than a CD, it held 80 minutes of music due to Sony's Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding compression (see ATRAC3).

Introduced in 1992, the MiniDisc Walkman was popular in Japan, but not in the U.S. The MiniDisc MD DATA drive came out a year later for computer storage but never caught on. There were few pre-recorded albums compared to audio tape cassettes, and CD usage was growing exponentially. Walkman production ceased in 2011. See Walkman and magneto-optic disk.

MiniDisc Cartridge
Somewhat popular in Japan, the MiniDisc attracted very few followers in the U.S.
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I found their portability and ease of use revolutionary, but that didn't stop me making classic mistakes, including recording over previously recorded tracks (when recording with MiniDisc, don't forget to press the 'endsearch' button!) and ruining an interview because I had set the recording level incorrectly.
And when the current flows into an MP3 or MiniDisc player, it's music to your ears.
To make your audio CDs using your computer, you will either make a recording using a familiar recording device (cassette, MiniDisc or DAT) and import that recording into your computer or record directly into your computer.
Examples of such consumer electronic products include the MiniDisc, recordable CDs, the digital audio tapes, and the MP3 player.
It may even be spurring the minirevival of a format that had appeared and seemingly faded out of contention: the minidisc. The format was developed by Sony Electronics Inc.
Dos son reproductores de CD (CDX-M770 y CDX-M670) y un reproductor de MiniDisc (MDX-M690).
The package also provides optical digital output that enables users to transfer recordings to external devices, such as a MiniDisc or DAT recorder, at a sample rate of 48KHz.
Otra de sus ventajas es que cuenta con entradas para conectar hasta cuatro altavoces, al igual que una de linea analoga que le permite grabar audio desde otros dispositivos, como minidisc, casete o incluso desde un microfono pre-amplificado.
To meet the demands of the more than 20 million Americans currently downloading music from the Internet, Sony Electronics has launched the first portable MiniDisc player/recorder with Digital PCLink.
The ProMedia 2.1 is compatible with and easily connected to most portable audio devices such as MP3, CD, Minidisc and DVD players; video game consoles; and even camcorders, VCRs and televisions through its standard miniplug input jack.
Many teens wear the latest designer fashions, eat fast food at McDonald's and Burger King, listen to Minidisc players, watch music videos, and chat on cellular telephones, activities their North Korean counterparts do not know exist.
The Sony MiniDisc MZ-R50 recorder weighs less than seven ounces (excluding batteries), fits easily in a shirt pocket, and can be held comfortably in the palm of a person's hand.