minimum risk level

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minimum risk level (MRL)

A specific altitude or altitude block that allows homebound aircraft to return in a homebound direction without lateral restrictions.
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No doubt to prevent the spread of diseases or to protect the individuals from mosquitoes preventive measures should include vector control or eradication prevention of diseases by using prophylactic drugs and developing vaccines prevention of mosquito bites by using insecticides nets and mosquito repellents so that the minimum risk level can be achieved because we are encountered by them be their host and they give us gifts in the form of different infections.
The ATSDR recently withdrew this minimum risk level in light of new evidence on MXC.
However, when these data were used by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) to set a public health benchmark (the acute minimum risk level), the fact that 2 of the 10 asthmatics were responders was sufficient for this dose to be considered a critical effect level (ATSDR 1999).
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