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mint julep:

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or mint julep,
alcoholic beverage of the S United States. Its basis is properly bourbon whiskey, which is combined with water, sugar, crushed ice, and mint leaves. Juleps are sometimes made with other liquors or flavorings.
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When Southern society ladies used to get together for an afternoon visit -- and perhaps indulge in a glass of sherry or a mint julep or two -- it was likely that homemade cheese straws would have been proffered as well, either made by the hostess or her cook.
The device is a bar tool used for mashing up mint leaves, lime and raw sugar for drinks like mojitos, caipirinhas and mint juleps. Flexible and non-porous, the silicone base doesn't absorb odors or flavors in the way a traditional wooden muddler would.
The breeze wouldn't get up and they couldn't go, and they were all hanging about, people sitting on their two-million-dollar yachts with their gin and tonics, mint juleps, and all the rest, waiting for action.
Roses, mint juleps, glamorous hats, "My Old Kentucky Home," Thoroughbred horses, imaginary betting and fine Southern cooking are a few of the details that can turn an ordinary party into a "run for the roses."
Peppermint tea works well, but being a native son of Alabama, I'm also partial to mint juleps (bourbon, spring water, sugar and mint), which, it turns out, work even better.
Instead, Wainwright's florid yearning for a past of mint juleps and train trips to destinations unknown are more suited for the cinema or stage.
It's summertime, time to bask in the sun (wearing SPF 15, of course), play badminton on the front lawn, sit on the veranda and drink mint juleps. It's also time for the company's annual picnic.
These robots, when they were developed, would do all the world's work: People could sit back and enjoy themselves, drinking their mint juleps in peace and quiet.
Should the weather hold up, officials expect up to 25,000 -- some wearing fancy hats, dresses and suits -- to attend the festivities, which includes a hat contest, mint juleps for sale, live music and a full card of racing before the Derby simulcast.
In the plans are outrageous hats, mint juleps and a Derby to remember.
Mint juleps are the official cocktail of the Kentucky Derby, which is set for Saturday at the Churchill Downs Racetrack.
The cocktails, fittingly, include mint juleps and horse's neck (brandy-ginger ale-bitters-lemon).