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in the American Revolution, colonial militiamen or armed citizens who agreed to turn out for service at a minute's notice. The term minutemen is used especially for the men who were enrolled (1774) for such service by the Massachusetts provincial congress. These were "the embattled farmers" who fought against the British at Lexington and Concord.
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The Minutemen bench shouted for a foul when Clark's driving shot missed with 26 seconds left, setting up the final sequence.
The Minutemen blend this conspiracy theory with their own special brand of xenophobia--notably, the claim that Latino immigrants are part of a grand "reconquista" plot by Mexico to reclaim the Southwestern United States.
He said he has approached the Minutemen and offered to meet with them.
1 -- color) Antelope Valley Independent Minutemen protest, saying the government should do more to deter illegal immigration.
The Minutemen are only one example of that basic American trait.
On 21 December 1998, the Minutemen began a permanent duty station move from Moffett Federal Airfield to NAS Point Mugu.
The geriatric division of punk was representing, but the scene was fairly bouncing with young bucks and does, most of whom weren't even born when the Minutemen were jamming econo.
Black Flag, Minor Threat, and the Minutemen played all-ages shows, no matter what.
The Wildcats finished on a 14-4 run to defeat the Minutemen, 71-63.
Analysis of multiple scenarios accounting for the degree of American mobility (concepts "D" and "E"), the ratio of the Soviet attack force to the American force, the relative reliability and available in-commission rate of stationary versus mobile Minutemen, various degrees of hardness for the yet-to-be-built silos, and guesses at Soviet accuracy, resulted in a surprise.
Glenn Spencer and his organization, American Border Patrol, use modern technology, such as unmanned aerial vehicles, to patrol the southern border, while the Minutemen call upon everyday citizens to stand watch over porous borders in Arizona and California.
There's this whole perception being perpetuated about the Minutemen and others, that they .