mirror site

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mirror site

An archive site or website which keeps a copy of some or all files at another site so as to make them more quickly available and to reduce the load on the source site.

It is generally best to use the mirror that is physically closest to you as this will usually give the fastest download.

Such mirroring is usually done for specific whole directories or files on a specific remote server as opposed to a cache or proxy server which keeps copies of everything that is requested via it.

For example, src.doc.ic.ac.uk is the main UK mirror for the GNU archive at gnu.org.
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mirror site

An alternate website or datacenter that contains the same information as the original. Mirror sites are set up for backup and disaster recovery as well as to balance the traffic load for numerous download requests on the Web. Such "download mirrors" are often placed in different locations throughout the Internet.

Hopefully Not a Real Mirror
It is common to use the term mirror to refer to an exact copy of data; however, a real mirror reverses characters. Stand in front of a mirror with some text on a T-shirt, and you find the letters reversed. Thus a mirror image of data is a technical misnomer, but all is fair in love and technology. See RAID, disaster recovery and mirror folder.
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Like Alfaisal University, OCW content has been installed at a small number of mirror sites at educational institutions, and evaluation data show that these mirror sites are having a significant positive impact on teaching and learning in regions where these mirror sites are set up.
* The Right Stuff -- Equipping a mirror site with the right technology is important, but it doesn't have to be expensive.
In the ideal scenario, in the event of failure at one site, storage services are maintained by the mirror site with no perceptible interruption.
The instructions aren't terribly coherent to users not versed in code, but in essence the program allows you to make your own mirror site of your target, then replace selected words and graphics with words and graphics of your own.
We ultimately decided to create a mirror site customized specifically for these associates.
The website also hosts a mirror site from the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR).
The centre exchanges information with counterparts world-wide, and hosts a mirror site for relaying information gathered by an International Y2K Cooperation Centre (IY2KCC*) in Washington.
It should also be used (at least occasionally) to verify that a mirror site continues to have an up-to-date version of the database.
The Heaven's Gate mirror site was mounted on SignOn San Diego's server and presented as part of the ongoing news coverage.
Chelsea (Melissa Clare Egan) was initially just trying to cover her tracks when it came to the scam she ran that saw her stealing money from Fenmore's by setting up a fake mirror site for her Chelsea 2.0 line.
Unlike KickassTorrents, no mirror site or clone has popped up yet to replace the void left by Torrentz.