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interbreeding of races, esp where differences of pigmentation are involved
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the mixing of human races. The offspring of these mixed marriages are called half-breeds.

Racial mixing has always taken place in regions where various racial groups have been in contact with one another. The scale of such crossing grew considerably after the great geographical discoveries of the 15th to 17th centuries and the subsequent colonial expansion and slave trading. It is a natural phenomenon in human history and proves the untenability of the reactionary theory of polygenism (the theory of the origin of the principal races of mankind from different ancestors, thereby ascribing Caucasoids, Mongoloids, and Negroids to separate species). The same capacity of half-breeds for reproduction as is found in intraracial unions—not the case between different species—is the most convincing proof of the species unity of mankind and the close kinship of all human races.

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Intermarriage between different races.
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discourage miscegenation, declaring that the act was twice as evil when
At the heart of Moulton's useful book is the discovery that, contrary to what Pascoe and others assumed from their post-Civil War vantage point, the terms "amalgamationism" and "miscegenation" were not interchangeable.
The new society that will rise will empower women, men, and workers, and will be made different by the working class miscegenation promoted by Rodriguez in the film.
This miscegenation, presented to the world as a solution to the "Brazilian problem," was imagined through the marriage of the white man and the black woman, thus the black man was ideologically excluded.
With these two topics, slavery and miscegenation, Senna analyzes the logic of racism and the centrality of a biologically determined identity while representing America as an originally diverse nation.
Various writers, afraid of hybridity, claimed that Asian miscegenation would create a lower, almost imbecile population, a theme that arises over and over in other writings about Asians and Ike's words about "breeding and spawning" (11) The shifts in race and class of the 1920s, from immigration to the African American Great Migration, are fought by Faulkner's townsfolk and contemporaneous legal texts, like the landmark Supreme Court cases of Thind and Ozawa that defined whiteness as noninclusive of the Asian plaintiffs.
Some of the facts related by Rice, such as Root's work in the Roldan case on Filipino-Caucasian miscegenation, or Root's defense of Allan Adron or Frank Sinatra, Jr.'s kidnappers, are verifiable from contemporary newspaper accounts.
racial regime through a study of civil marriage and miscegenation law.
(38) Whites are no longer preoccupied with the motives of "Negro pressure groups" that are alleged to have miscegenation as a "major goal." (39)
When Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961, to two students, one white, one black, such a union was forbidden in some American states and offspring of it labelled the product of "miscegenation".
Lopez-Calvo's interpretations often go against the grain of earlier research, refusing to conceive of Cuban identity either in terms of a bipolar black-white opposition or an idyllic and harmonious process of miscegenation. He also counters traditional representations of chinos mambises, Chinese immigrants who fought for Cuba in its wars of independence against Spain.