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Erroneous information that is unintentionally disseminated. See disinformation and infodemic.
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the dissemination of distorted information or of information known to be false. In bourgeois countries, misinformation is extensively used as a means of political propaganda with the purpose of misleading the public, especially in matters concerning relations between capitalist and socialist states and the progress of socialism and of national-liberation movements.

In the military, misinformation is the deliberate dissemination of false information about one’s own armed forces and plans for military action, with the intention of deceiving an enemy. Such devices as the false regrouping of troops and the construction of decoy air bases are among the means used for misinformation.

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We have to fight the lies about vaccines, and I am pleased that the social media networks are finally taking action on anti-vax misinformation.
In recent months, other firms including Facebook have taken some steps to address vaccine misinformation.
"I do think it caught us all a little flat-footed -- how quickly the myths and misinformation spread," Messonnier told CNN.
These tend to feed us content consistent with our beliefs and clicking patterns, helping to strengthen the acceptance of misinformation. Someone who is sceptical about climate change might be given an increasing stream of content denying it is caused by humans, making them less likely to take personal action or vote to tackle the issue.
To pick up on more misinformation, it is calling on Facebook to release additional data to better assess the impact of its work, and to develop tools to improve the identification of harmful content.
Medical misinformation isn't a problem that Facebook created.
And yet misinformation, limited availability and inadequate access to services have left large numbers of children in jeopardy, prompting the United Nations Children's Fund to convene the high-level UN meeting on Friday to 'tackle the issue'.
"I do think that saying deepfakes are different from misinformation, is a reasonable perspective," he said.
There's every reason to expect misinformation to be rampant during a pandemic.
Bickert said fake accounts are more likely than accounts tied to real people to spread misinformation and confirmed that more than 80% of the fake accounts removed were engaging in some form of criminal activity or the spread of misinformation.
The Legislative Yuan today passed the preliminary review of a draft bill for the amendment of the Nuclear Emergency Response Act to impose prison terms and fines for spreading fake news or misinformation regarding a nuclear incident.