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"The way in which Prime Minister mislead all, a new name comes in my mind for him.
The basic principle is that traders must not mislead consumers.
When JoyNews' MzGee asked if Edem subscribes to the argument that lyrical beef is an attribute of Hip-hop, he said, 'The people who have mislead us over the years have stopped.
"Though the ads are based on experiments, they should not mislead consumers.
Statements that omit material information, although unintentional, may qualify as false or mislead an investigating officer.
Charged with willfully making false statements to mislead for attempting to mislead British Columbia's privacy commissioner, George Grates will appear in provincial court on April 20.
Irish low fares airline Ryanair has urged Google to enforce greater transparency on its online advertising following extensive complaints from Ryanair customers who have been misled into booking Ryanair flights on non-Ryanair websites, purposely designed to mislead customers.
The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) said it had found "areas of poor practice that could confuse or mislead shoppers" and was taking measures to help make sure grocers complied with the rules.
Andrew Tyrie MP, chairman of the Treasury Committee who wrote to the bank about SCM, said: "The sample letters seem calculated to mislead."
However, an ASA spokesman said: "Because the ads did not make it clear that the promotional prize was to win back the cost of eye surgery to which the participant had already committed, we considered that they were likely to mislead."
"The court finds the defendants wording of its November 2003 Risperdal letter was deliberately constructed to circumvent the FDA's mandated warning for an increased risk of diabetes, and deliberately constructed to mislead healthcare professionals," Gaughan wrote.