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Missing definition

What does it mean when you dream about something missing?

A missing article, such as a set of keys, denotes a sense of being out of control. A missed plane, bus, train, appointment, or time commitment can symbolize a missed opportunity, and the frustration of being behind and unorganized is also suggested. (See also Loss of Something).

References in classic literature ?
Have you completed all the necessary preparations incident to Miss Sedley's departure, Miss Jemima?
And, in this place, it may be as well to apprise the reader, that Miss Fanny Squeers was in her three-and-twentieth year.
Then came a reply, in a tone of honeyed sweetness, from Miss Wylie:
Why do I secretly give Miss Shepherd twelve Brazil nuts for a present, I wonder?
Beebe, sitting unnoticed in the window, pondered this illogical element in Miss Honeychurch, and recalled the occasion at Tunbridge Wells when he had discovered it.
It's rather sudden,' said Dick shaking his head with a look of infinite wisdom, and running on (as he was accustomed to do) with scraps of verse as if they were only prose in a hurry; 'when the heart of a man is depressed with fears, the mist is dispelled when Miss Wackles appears; she's a very nice girl.
But," said Miss Cornelia, with the air of one determined to take the plunge and have it over, "I will tell you something else.
THIS is the Mouse peeping out behind the cupboard, and making fun of Miss Moppet.
Was your correspondent lately a pupil at Miss Ladd's school?
You have no idea, Miss Pink, how fat people suffer in hot weather," said the old lady, using her fan vigorously.
Now, you mind, you Riderhood,' said Miss Abbey Potterson, with emphatic forefinger over the half-door, 'the Fellowship don't want you at all, and would rather by far have your room than your company; but if you were as welcome here as you are not, you shouldn't even then have another drop of drink here this night, after this present pint of beer.
said Miss Ophelia, coming down, with her sewing in her hand.