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The MSH missile Warner operates in the solar-blind UV spectrum to pick the ultraviolet missile plume, while the laser detector looks for emissions from laser guidance systems.
The Airborne Laser tested its battle management system and its tracking laser system against a simulated missile -- a KC-135 dubbed "Big Crow" that was equipped with infrared heat lamps to simulate a missile plume.
The improved Damien provides missile-warning alerts with a very low false-alarm rate and continues to provide warning information even after the missile plume has ceased.
military transports have a directional IR countermeasure system, which can detect a missile plume, track the incoming threat and send a modulated beam of IR energy to the missile seeker, jamming the guidance signal and veering the weapon off course.
Baringa is a handheld unit that accurately simulates missile plume signatures to stimulate aircraft missile warning systems while in operational mode, allowing air crews to perform thorough go/no-go missile warning system testing.
5 seconds, which is less than half of others in that class--the MPCV can engage targets coming from the same direction with a launch interval of three seconds between missiles, without the risk of the heat-seeking sensor locking onto the previous missile plume.
Then the IR camera picks up the threat via its missile plume, providing the targeting data for fine-point aiming of the jamming energy, which is a modulated waveform designed to jam a range of IR-seeker types.
Special infrared sensors which can detect a missile plume will be installed on the fuselage of the 747s.
The IRST targeting information is handed off to the Beam Control/Fire Control (BC/FC) system where a high-resolution passive infrared sensor precisely locates the missile plume and provides the fine track to an active illuminator laser.
A missile threat simulator must be able to adequately represent the observed characteristics of the hot missile plume in the spectral band(s) of interest.
The two-color [sensor] allows the missile plume to be distinguished spectrally from the solar glints and clutter," Taylor said.
The UV systems are considered to be poor choices in heavy-ozone urban environments, where fundamental absorption factors reduce to almost nothing the received signal from the missile plume.
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