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Several days after the drills ended, North Korea conducted another, its seventh, missile test.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The US ground-launched cruise missile test carried out on Sunday could prompt a new arms race and jeopardise global security, the Chinese Foreign Ministry announced in a statement.
The United States carried out its latest missile test on 18 August from San Nicolas Island, California.
There is no need for the National Security Council to convene following China's reported missile test in the South China Sea, National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon Jr.
In a vain bid to prove its spatial muscle and to barge into the space superpowers club, India had claimed to have conducted a successful missile test that destroyed a low-orbiting space satellite.
Britain and France called for a UN Security Council session to discuss the Iranian missile test and pressed for a resolution condemning the test.
South Korea's spy agency has observed preparations by North Korea for international inspections at several of its nuclear and missile test sites, the Yonhap news agency said on Wednesday, citing a South Korean lawmaker, Reuters reports.
Originally the Sky Sword II missile test was planned to occur as part of the Han Kuang military exercises, with several IDF fighters upgraded in preparation for the test.
According to spokesperson of Pakistan Navy, the missile test was carried out at the conclusion of naval exercise Rabat.
TWO tremors recorded in North Korea were probably aftershocks from the state's missile test, say experts.
Markets are in a risk-on mood as the much feared North Korean Missile test did not occur over the weekend, while reports have indicated weakening in the strength of Hurricane Irma.
By: MENA NEW YORK - 30 August 2017: The United States conducted a missile-defense test off the coast of Hawaii and intercepted a medium-range ballistic missile, just days after North Korea's bold missile test over Japan.

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