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Missing definition

What does it mean when you dream about something missing?

A missing article, such as a set of keys, denotes a sense of being out of control. A missed plane, bus, train, appointment, or time commitment can symbolize a missed opportunity, and the frustration of being behind and unorganized is also suggested. (See also Loss of Something).

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In Bosnia and Herzegovina, more than 70 percent of those who were missing at the end of the conflict have been accounted for, the highest rate of missing persons case resolution in any post-conflict society anywhere in the world - but many people are still missing.
Age at disappearance: 16 Missing Since: 31-Dec-1959 Missing from: Newham, London Reference No: 94-000632
VBMP chairman NasarAullah Baloch, vice chairman Mama Qadeer Baloch and others in a meeting with Chief Minister Jam Kamal and Home Minister Zia Langove last month had discussed the issue of missing persons.
Criticizing state institutions, he said that these organizations had not taken interest in the cases of missing person.
After assuming charge of Chairman NAB, he has improved the performance of National Commission for Missing Persons.
KEVIN THOMAS Missing People Ref 11-002448 Kevin Thomas was reported missing on Tuesday, March 1, 2011.
Total: destroyed, 77, damaged, 43, pilots killed, 67, missing, 0, wounded, 23.
Call in your mechanic to tighten or replace any missing hub mounting bolts.
EMCOR is sponsoring Code Adam with the hope of getting as many stores, amusement parks, museums, and other public facilities as possible to adopt the program as their missing child protocol.
The Home Office grant means the National Missing Persons Helpline can continue to advise and support them and their families.
Toll by country Indonesia 131,338 dead 25,016 missing Sri Lanka 31,229 dead 4093 missing India10,749 dead 5640 missing, presumed dead Thailand 5395 dead 2817 missing Somalia 289 dead and missing Burma 90 dead 10 missing Maldives82 dead 26 missing, presumed dead,
The total toll of dead and missing from last year's Indian Ocean tsunami is at least 216,858, according to government and aid agency figures, although different agencies in Indonesia and Sri Lanka are reporting different numbers.