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suggestions for new terms

We welcome your suggestions for new terms and comments about existing ones. Thank you for your help. We sincerely appreciate your support. Please contact us at:

Unclear Definition? - Our Promise

If a part of our definition is confusing, please tell us, and we may be able to send you a better explanation before it is published. Please note that we usually cannot respond to simply "I don't understand it," unless we happen to be updating that very term with a better explanation. But, we generally can reply to something like "this sentence doesn't make sense because..." or "this seems to contradict itself because..." The more specific your question, the better we can answer you with an improved definition.

Is the Term Software?

For more than 30 years, we have included definitions of software packages. In fact, we were the first computer dictionary to include products, not just computer science terms. However, we can only keep track of the most popular programs or ones that have major impact on the industry.
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agreement's heretofore missing terms, which are unknown to the
heretofore missing terms with provisions unknown to the court and often
Moreover we have successfully improved those weighted Hardy-Sobolev inequalities by finding out sharp missing terms, as a result they turned out to be very useful in many aspects.
I have continued this practice of recording new or missing terms and I update the Index on a biennial basis.
For question 4 in each questionnaire the students were asked to supply the missing terms in two binomials that were multiplied together.
Accordingly, the no-retraction regime would be appealing if the missing terms were supplemented by terms most favorable (within the set of reasonable terms) to the enforced-against party.
In part 2 students find missing terms in patterns and write patterns for given everyday situations.
If a reader discovers missing terms or other flaws in the index, a useful tool will be lost, because that reader will probably not trust the index thereafter.
The user will then provide the missing terms on the Lisp server, using the interactive coding tool Intercoder.
Students often use this technique to establish missing terms in sequences.