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a member of a religious mission


Aubrey, Father
converts savages to Christianity. [Fr. Lit.: Atala]
Boniface, St.
missionary to the German infidels in 8th century. [Christian Hagiog.: Brewster, 271]
Davidson, Rev. Alfred
attempts to convert Sadie Thompson to religion but ends up seducing her. [Br. Lit.: “Miss Thompson” in Benét, 675; Am. Cinema: “Rain” in Halliwell, 593]
Latour and Vaillant, Fathers
priests establish a diocese in New Mexico. [Am. Lit.: Cather Death Comes for the Archbishop in Magill I, 199]
Livingstone, David
(1813–1873) explorer and missionary in Africa. [Br. Hist.: NCE, 1596]
Patrick, St.
(c. 385–461) early missionary to and patron saint of Ireland. [Christian Hagiog.: Brewster, 138]
Salvation Army
international religious organization known for its charitable and missionary work. [Christian Rel.: NCE, 2408–2409]
Society of Jesus
Roman Catholic religious order distinguished in foreign missions. [Christian Hist.: NCE, 1412]
Xavier, St. Francis
indefatigable pioneer converter of East Indies. [Christian Hagiog.: Attwater, 141–142]
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Xavier's story also gives us food for thought related to our second point, the life in store for a messenger, a missionary of God.
By portraying Hawaiian noblewomen as formidable protagonists rather than as passive recipients of the Gospel, Thigpen distinguishes her book from a lot of old-fashioned missionary scholarship.
In chapter four ("Containing Transgression"), Ballantyne examines the case of William Yale, a missionary who came to New Zealand in 1828, but was forced to leave in 1836 when it became known that he had coerced a number of Maori boys and young men to have sex with him.
Blacks carried with them their Baptist beliefs and forged a denominational identity as Missionary Baptists in their independent churches.
The qualitative data was analyzed using Colaizzi's method to highlight the psychological processes of the missionaries, and the primary purpose was to clarify implications for missionary member care.
Second, the missionary movement from the West to the global South has come to an end due to mission led by Christians from these regions in all parts of the world.
The term missionary when applied to the Sandwich Island mission refers to ordained ministers, men and women who were not ordained but served the mission, the ministers wives and children, and those men who resigned from the mission but stayed in Hawaii.
Member care is] the ongoing investment of resources by mission agencies, churches and other mission organizations for the nurture and development of missionary personnel.
The chapters are organised in three sections outlining missionary structures and networks, missionary methods, and the experience of converts.
Excuse me for the "economics speak," but missionary service, like education, is an investment in human capital.
Due to many reasons this aim was diverted but ultimately became the strongest aim and strategy as it was highly commended by World Missionary Conference.
Thus, at its peak, there were likely 8,500 Irish-born men and women involved in missionary work in the developing world.

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