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a member of a religious mission
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Aubrey, Father
converts savages to Christianity. [Fr. Lit.: Atala]
Boniface, St.
missionary to the German infidels in 8th century. [Christian Hagiog.: Brewster, 271]
Davidson, Rev. Alfred
attempts to convert Sadie Thompson to religion but ends up seducing her. [Br. Lit.: “Miss Thompson” in Benét, 675; Am. Cinema: “Rain” in Halliwell, 593]
Latour and Vaillant, Fathers
priests establish a diocese in New Mexico. [Am. Lit.: Cather Death Comes for the Archbishop in Magill I, 199]
Livingstone, David
(1813–1873) explorer and missionary in Africa. [Br. Hist.: NCE, 1596]
Patrick, St.
(c. 385–461) early missionary to and patron saint of Ireland. [Christian Hagiog.: Brewster, 138]
Salvation Army
international religious organization known for its charitable and missionary work. [Christian Rel.: NCE, 2408–2409]
Society of Jesus
Roman Catholic religious order distinguished in foreign missions. [Christian Hist.: NCE, 1412]
Xavier, St. Francis
indefatigable pioneer converter of East Indies. [Christian Hagiog.: Attwater, 141–142]
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The missionary was surrounded by a mass of naked savages, all struggling to get at him.
"A nice story to go back to the coast--a dozen of you and one missionary, without weapons, weak as a woman, overcoming all of you."
"Come to me, missionary man, and overcome me," the Buli challenged.
And to every point he made the same reply, at the same time watching the missionary closely in order to forestall that cunning run-in under the lifted club.
Then the death song arose, and he knew his beloved missionary's body was being dragged to the oven as he heard the words:
There, members of the group were forced to listen to missionary sermons urging them to convert.
also asked shipping companies on Tuesday to suggest any missionary routes.
Earlier, the BI denied the request of Fox to extend her missionary visa citing the deportation order which was previously issued against her.
13 order and for the bureau to grant her application for the extension of her missionary visa, subject to the result of the appeal on her deportation case pending before the Department of Justice (DOJ).
'The denial of Sister Fox's request for extension of her missionary visa is consistent with the BI's order of deportation, which is on appeal at the DOJ,' Guevarra said.
Eager to obtain Western goods, the rulers politely pushed the missionary wives to supply them with those items, and they kept the wives busily engaged in the production of such things as American-style dresses.
He focuses mainly on the first two decades of the Christian Missionary Society mission in the Bay of Islands, founded by Samuel Marsden in 1814.

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