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Misuse detection is concerned with detecting intruders who are attempting to break into a system by using some known vulnerabilities.
Other themes explored include forensics and security management, kernel-level defensive techniques, role-based access control, malware and data protection, anomaly and misuse detection, and applied cryptography.
In [5] [6], neural networks have been applied to build keyword-count-based misuse detection systems.
Symantec's new ManTrap is a "honeypot"-based intrusion detection technology that complements the layered approach to enterprise security by providing an early warning for unauthorized access and misuse detection.
Kane Secure Enterprise is a centralised security analysis system designed to provide intelligent enterprise-wide monitoring for intrusion and misuse detection from hosts, network devices and multi-vendor security applications.
The misuse detection model looks for activity that corresponds to known, predefined intrusion techniques or system vulnerabilities.
Improve Accuracy of Network Misuse Detection to Boost Network
The flexibility of the NFR software provides effective local and distributed misuse detection solutions for small, medium, and large environments.
These funds will be used to further our Centrax(R) audit and misuse detection software offering; eBusiness and Security Group (eBSG) -- providing executive level security-consulting; and our traditional CyberSafe(R) product and service offerings.
ODS has already started shipping the company's CMDS(TM) (Computer Misuse Detection System) Early Warning system to secure business-critical sites from these attacks.
CyberSafe(R) Corporation, the leader in transactional security, today announced that its Centrax(R) audit and misuse detection software has been awarded "NSS Approved" status following rigorous testing by The NSS Group, Europe's foremost independent network testing facility and consultancy organization.
CMDS (Computer Misuse Detection System) scored five stars in all categories including features, ease-of-use, performance, documentation, support and overall rating.