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The technology typically uses signature analysis, misuse detection and dynamic profiling.
In the proposed hybrid intrusion detection process, misuse detection and anomaly detection model is integrated to detect the attack in traffic pattern.
Examples of DISA topics would be the proposed FY 2016 topics: Transport Layer Security (TLS) Inspection; Cyber Intelligence as a Service; and Credential Misuse Detection.
Among the topics are developments in biometrics for a secure human authentication system: a biometric authentication system, combating cyber security breaches in digital world using misuse detection methods, ATM security systems identifying human behavior by critical video surveillance, the effective recognition of stereo image concealed media of interpolation error with difference expansion, and visual cryptography for securing images in cloud.
Misuse detection technology mainly defends against the known virus, attack action and intrusion.
These systems generally take the form of misuse detection systems (Denning, 1987; Kemmerer & Vigna, 2002) which are used to recognize attacks that follow intrusion patterns previously recognized and reported by experts.
Other themes explored include forensics and security management, kernel-level defensive techniques, role-based access control, malware and data protection, anomaly and misuse detection, and applied cryptography.
In [5] [6], neural networks have been applied to build keyword-count-based misuse detection systems.
Symantec's new ManTrap is a "honeypot"-based intrusion detection technology that complements the layered approach to enterprise security by providing an early warning for unauthorized access and misuse detection.
Kane Secure Enterprise is a centralised security analysis system designed to provide intelligent enterprise-wide monitoring for intrusion and misuse detection from hosts, network devices and multi-vendor security applications.
The misuse detection model looks for activity that corresponds to known, predefined intrusion techniques or system vulnerabilities.