miter clamp

miter clamp, miter cramp

A clamp used to hold together a miter joint during gluing.
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Hartford miter clamp. Used to secure tight corners when constructing picture or window frames.
Tenders are invited for Includes but not limited to: screwdrivers, screwdriver bits, flexible extensions, nut drivers, flashlights, torx drivers/bits, rakes, hoses, miter clamps, allen wrenches, floor brooms, tape measures, crescent wrenches, sharpening oil, floor squeegees, hydraulic bottle jacks, rubber mallets, sledge hammers, clamp-N-tools, squares, hammers, strait lines, chalk reels, vise grips, levels, slip joint pliers, nail sets, tap handles, step-ladders, couplers, punches, hacksaws, saws, files, grinding wheels, bench grinders, drill bits, rasps, chisels, plug taps, hot glue guns, power tools, blades & cutters, griprite, biscuit joiners, holesaws, etc.
I recently ordered four miter clamps and a special pliers type tool to install them and am amazed at how well they work.
Adjustable Clamps, Applicators--Conveyorized Gluing Equipment, Clamp Carriers, Edge Oluers, Gluing Lines, Miter Clamps, Optimization Software, Gluing Equipment--Misc.