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Additionally, RSH and SIH training seem to lead to different adaptations in regard to muscular oxygen extraction and mitochondrial respiration of PBMC.
Influence of Sampling Location of Biopsies on Mitochondrial Respiration. In order to exclude a photoaging effect on the values obtained, the mitochondrial respiration of biopsies from body regions with a high UV exposure (HE) (e.g., eyelids) and biopsies from low UV-exposed body regions (LE) (e.g., abdomen) were randomly compared (Figure 4).
The relevance of oxidative capacity and fiber type to oxidative stress has been demonstrated by greater mitochondrial respiration with less [H.sub.2][O.sub.2] production in permeabilized fibers from rat muscle consisting primarily of type I or IIa fibers versus type IIb fibers [375].
Miyoshi, "Mitochondrial respiration defects modulate differentiation but not proliferation of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells," FEBS Letters, vol.
For determination of glycolysis and mitochondrial respiration BG01V/hOG cells were seeded in Seahorse XF24 cell culture microplates (Seahorse Bioscience, at various densities to adjust for cellular growth through differentiation.
confirmed the dysfunction in mitochondrial respiration, showing functional impairments and quantitative defects of respiratory complexes in muscle of septic patients compared to controls [67].
(53) Damage-activated HSCs are thought to reduce mitochondrial respiration and biogenesis through hypoxia-induced HIF1.
The use of XF Technology was crucial to the assessment of mitochondrial respiration of fibroblasts derived from both disease and healthy control patients, and the determination of the functional consequences of genetic expression.
In 1997, Biswas and others with the Indian Institute of Chemical Biology in Calcutta concluded that methylglyoxal (an aldehyde form of pyruvic acid) could hinder glycolysis and mitochondrial respiration due to its ability to inhibit glucose utilization and glucose 6-phosphate (G6P) and Llactate formation in the whole EAC cells [20].
They observed improvement in mitochondrial respiration and a reduction in oxidative status among both lean and obese animals that received melatonin.
To date, only 3 research publications have explored the relationship between production, feed efficiency (RFI), and mitochondrial respiration in cattle.
"Together with a better understanding of the microenvironment of cancer cells at various stages of cancer progression and concurrent treatment regimen, therapies aimed to further compromise cancer cells' energetic needs for mitochondrial respiration may be a potent, yet untapped, means to limit metastatic disease," she concludes.

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