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For short-duration, small-scale studies, researchers tend to manually label mitosis cells because the visual appearance of mitosis process is easy to be identified as interphase, start of mitosis, formation of daughter cells or separation of daughter cells.
Atypical mitosis includes tripolar, multipolar and ring shaped mitotic bodies/ figures within the nucleus as described by Rubio.
She used the increasingly popular Kickstarter campaign technique to raise enough money to release Mitosis for free on YouTube.
After the faulty repairs, these cells could not split their contents evenly during mitosis.
Se observo al microscopio tratando de identificar celulas que se encuentren en mitosis y fases mitoticas con anomalias (observacion a 10x, 40x y 100x).
This study investigates how prior content knowledge and prior exposure to microscope slides on the phases of mitosis effect students' visual search strategies and their ability to differentiate cells that are going through any phases of mitosis.
The comprehension of the chromosome movement involved in mitosis and meiosis is essential to understanding transmission genetics, but this is often challenging for students in the classroom, especially for students who lack a strong scientific background.
For organisms with a cell nucleus, mitosis is the process of cell division needed to create new cells.
In mammalian cells, phosphorylation of the Serine 10 residue of histone H3 is negligible during interphase but reaches a maximum for chromatin condensation during mitosis.
Karyotypic characterization in mitosis and meiosis of the common snook Centropomus undecimalis (Pisces: Centropomidae).
Especially phosphorylation of H3 on Ser 10 (pSer10), 28 and Thr 3, 11 have been found to be important regulators of mitosis (Polioudakia et al.
At these concentrations there was no selective inhibition of mitosis or any other cell cycle stage, nor was there any apparent effect on the microtubule or actin cytoskeletons.