mix design

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The selection of proportions of ingredients for mortar or concrete to make the most economical use of available materials to produce mortar or concrete of the required properties.
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Since the shape of the aggregates rapidly influences the mix, Superpave mix design restricted the particle size larger than 4.
Since we needed to decide the ideal concrete design including aluminium dross, we had to prepare a lot of mix designs and perform a lot of tests on a big number of samples," she added.
In the second phase, several lightweight mix designs were developed in order to achieve the desired mix according to high strength and low density," she pointed out
The mix design needs to be correct for the application.
For example, a Stallone concrete mix design report for 7 World Trade Center dated December 31, 2002 contained compressive strength results that are identical to the test results contained in another Stallone mix design test reported dated August 10, 2004 for the same project," according to a DA statement on the indictment.
The new NM cutter continues the tradition of nozzle mix design with the safety, quality and reliability synonymous with the Murex brand.
The interactive CD is designed to educate agency, consultant, and contractor personnel responsible for making decisions concerning HMA mix design, quality control, and acceptance.
It contains current information on construction materials and equipment and the mix design, production, placement, and repair of concrete and bituminous pavements.
A dense-graded mix design meeting the Ontario HL-3 specification[ref.
iCrete, LLC, a company that is revolutionizing the construction industry with its concrete mix design technology system, has delivered some of the world's most advanced and environmentally friendly concrete mix designs for the construction of Revel Casino Resort, Atlantic City's newest entertainment venue.