mixer truck

truck mixer

truck mixer
A mobile unit for hauling and mixing concrete in transit; consists of a rotating drum (in which the concrete materials are placed) that is mounted on a truck chassis.
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A concrete mixer truck overturned at an intersection near Al Ittihad newspaper headquarters in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday, reported Al Bayan.
Sharjah: Customs officials at the Khatam-Maliha border in Kalba, Sharjah, arrested an Asian driver after he attempted to smuggle 22 persons, including a woman, inside a cement mixer truck into the UAE.
Staff parked a mixer truck and cement tanker at the George Bush Park Bike Trail, west of Houston, opening cabs for participants to observe vehicle perimeters and visual limitations.
The MMDA issued the rule in response to several road accidents involving cement mixer truck.
Of thickness, mixed and supplied in cement mixer truck, made using dry granulometry 0-5 of the area, stabilized with colorless binder based on glass calcine and basic reagents, size 20 microns in the 50th percentile and certified UNE-EN ISO 14021: 1999.
Then he encountered a little green Ford mixer truck with an orange drum, and a beautiful partnership began.
1 metric tons of hashish into Spain hidden inside a concrete mixer truck, AP reported.
The vehicles stolen are all Mercedes models and consist of a heavy articulated tractor, a concrete mixer truck and two yellow tipper trucks.
A JUDGE yesterday refused to strike out the case of a property developer charged with criminal damage after a concrete mixer truck was driven against the gates of Leinster House.
In April, a cement mixer truck, with similar wording on it, was abandoned outside a branch of Anglo Irish Bank on Forster Street, Galway.
Colin Pearson and his new bride Kelly outside their 26-tonne concrete mixer truck after their wedding at St.
Replacing the current fleet will bring benefits by itself, since a cement mixer truck has a life span of 3-5 years, depending on the mix to be processed, said Figueroa de la Paz.