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Knuth's hypothetical machine, used in The Art of Computer Programming v.1, Donald Knuth, A-W 1969.
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A ready-mixed batch of concrete, plaster, or mortar.


On drawings, abbr. for mixture.
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(1) (Multimedia Internet EXchange) An Internet access point that supports quality of service (QoS) for multimedia traffic. See NAP and MPLS.

(2) (Medical Information EXchange System) A health information exchange (HIE) system for Windows from SETECS Medical Technologies (www.setecs.com). MIX enables interfacing to any EMR/EHR system that supports the HL7 messaging standard. Issued to both patients and healthcare providers, PIV-compliant smart cards provide strong security (see PIV).

(3) (Mix) A website that aggregates personalized content for members. Originally developed as StumbleUpon in 2001, it migrated to Mix in 2018. Members are asked to select at least three categories of interest, and they may follow other members that share similar interests. For more information, visit www.mix.com.
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* Typically, for laboratory compaction of cold mixes, holes are drilled in the molds to allow any excess fluids (solvent or waste) to escape during mix consolidation.
"Whenever something mixes well, it is because chaos is present," Ottino says.
Both processes continuously compress a different portion of their mixes between two solid surfaces and then shear and recompress them.
* Filler mixing vat mixes heavy fillers with resin for use in pouting, casting, or resin injection.
The chilled water then mixes with surrounding warm water as it sinks back down again.
The company mixes a complete line of fluoroelastomer compounds to meet the processing and product specifications of manufacturers, from exotic highly crucial applications to very low-cost standard purpose FKM.
When enough surfactant coats the silica it appears non-polar, it mixes well with the rubber phase and it co-coagulates more efficiently.
* Filler mixing vat mixes heavy fillers with resin for use in pouring, casting, or resin rejection.