moccasin flower

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moccasin flower:

see orchidorchid,
popular name for members of the Orchidaceae, a family of perennial herbs widely distributed in both hemispheres. The unusually large family (of some 450 genera and an estimated 10,000 to 17,500 species) includes terrestrial, epiphytic (see epiphyte), and saprophytic
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This is the most common lady's-slipper in New York State and is also called moccasin flower, or the stemless lady's-slipper.
There are places for bears to den, bedding and feeding areas for deer, and coves for harvesting ginseng, ramps, bloodroot, yellow root, woolly britches (a spring green) and molly moochers (morel mushrooms), and for relishing moccasin flowers (yellow orchids), and lady's slippers (pink orchids).
"Where are all of the trilliums, the moccasin flowers, the trout lilies, the Canada mayflowers?" she asks.