model and modeling

model and modeling,

in painting, the use of light and shade to simulate volume in the representation of solids. In sculpture the terms denote a technique involving the use of a pliable material such as clay or wax. As opposed to carving, modeling permits addition as well as subtraction of material and lends itself to freer handling and change of intention. The technique is exemplified also by those works in cast metal and plaster that are made from the mold of a clay original. The mold is made by the process of cire perduecire perdue
[Fr.,=lost wax], sculptural process of metal casting that may be used for hollow and solid casting. The sculptor makes a model in plaster or clay that is then coated with wax. This model is then covered with a perforated plaster or clay mold.
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. The noun model is used to describe such an original and also any three-dimensional scale model for a larger or more elaborate project in architecture, landscaping, or industry. It also denotes a person or object used as an aid to representation in painting.
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