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The purpose of the procurement is to ensure that Swedish Spel~s lottery agents can communicate with the Swedish game via a modem pool.
Fortunately, many information technology professionals know that such issues can be readily resolved by using a dial-out modem pool.
Expanding the modem pool would have been expensive and would have required more physical space and additional modem lines.
Southfield Public Library has begun offering dial-in Internet access via a modem pool and dedicated lines.
org modem pool directly--allows members to pay their long distance costs themselves, rather than through ACM/NS.
This state modem pool is augmented by a smaller modem pool for local Topeka calls only, which is supported by INK itself.
The analog lines feeding the modem pool at any site are set up in hunt groups, which are large groups of circuits served by one number called the pilot number.
Xpress On-Line IN is one of Sweden's first Internet Service Provider having launched its ISP activity in 1995 with 10 modems in its modem pool.
With a modem pool, fewer modems can handle more calls.
Since the JetStream8500 can act as a Terminal Server, Remote Access Server, and Modem Pool, Ace Hardware realized it would deliver the required connectivity, and cut its cost of ownership by eliminating the need for multiple types of connectivity devices.
CommWorks' wireless program began in 1996 with the development of a modem pool product for analog cellular carriers.
Perle RAS Dial-out Software allows desktop LAN users to share remote access server (RAS) ports as a modem pool for outbound asynchronous communications.