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Research was published in Nature Biotechnology in 2015 demonstrating the use of chemically modified synthetic sgRNA for performing CRISPR genome editing in human stem cells.
The development of genetically modified crops enriches biodiversity.
The United States has made wide use of genetically modified food products for many years.
Furthermore, when asked to rate the images according to society's ideal of genitalia, women in all three groups rated the modified images as more like society's ideal than the non-modified vulva images.
Fuller is one of only three drivers who has made starts in each of the 24 years of the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour, along with Carl Pasteryak and Jamie Tomaino.
SBS modified bitumens were prepared using a high shear mixer at 170[degrees]C and a shearing speed of 4000 rpm.
Scientists began to create genetically modified mice in the 1980s (Gordon and Ruddle 1981; Palmiter and Brinster 1985).
By contrast, less than 60% of the starch used by the Asian paper industry is modified starch.
In the most advanced field test of genetically modified rice so far, the researchers compared the performances of the GM plants and of traditional rice on 109 family farms in eight Chinese villages in 2002 and 2003.
It could also allow an executor to elect to avoid the right-of-recovery rule by recognizing gain on an encumbered asset based on the difference between the debt and the modified carryover basis.
On the other hand, Sommerfeld's rigorous theory showed that the incident light is modified by diffraction before it reaches the screen, and therefore the notion of an unperturbed incident field is abandoned in this paper by adding a diffraction term to the geometrical field on the source side.
Since they are more resistant to disease and weeds, genetically modified (GM) seeds produce better harvest yields.

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