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As shown in Table 3, the statistically significant effect ([alpha] = 0.05) on the English language achievement posttest was attributable to teaching methods, in which the students in the experimental group (modified arithmetic mean = 32.269), who were taught using BL and the traditional method, performed better than their counterpart in the control group (modified mean = 29.456), who were taught using the traditional method only.
A statistically significant impact ([alpha] = 0.05) on the English language learner motivation scale was found that could be attributable to the teaching method variable (Table 5), in which the students in the experimental group, who were taught using BL (modified mean = 1.938), performed better than their counterparts in the control group, who were taught using traditional methods (arithmetic mean = 1.835).
The findings showed a virtual difference between the modified means of the post-English language learner motivation scale.
Theoretical and experimental studies demonstrated that one appropriate model is Ivanov's second-order modified mean field theory [25-27].
Kuznetsova, "Magnetogranulometric analysis of ferrocolloids: second-order modified mean field theory," Colloid Journal, vol.
Caption: FIGURE 9: Size distribution functions over the magnetic diameters of the particles, f(%), obtained in terms of Ivanov's model (2nd-order modified mean field theory), with (_cor) and without (_exp) demagnetizing field correction, applied to static magnetization data of P1 (a) and P8 (b) samples.
When the variances are not homogeneous the use of trimmed mean and modified mean could be more reliable than the others.
Therefore for 0.05 alpha level the empirical type-I error estimates of a robust test should be between 0.025 and0.075.The type-I error estimates obtained by using arithmetic winsorized trimmed and modified means are generally around 5.00% when homogeneity of varianceswas satisfied regardless of the distribution shapes sample size and the number of groups (Table 2).
Our exclusive photos show the specially modified mean machine - complete with machine gun - on the film set of the new pounds 70 million 007 movie in Iceland.
It was replaced with a gearbox that was originally used in an Albion 35hp van, designed to take only one tenth of the power this engine produces and the way in which the braking system has been modified means that this installation severely compromises the braking of the vehicle."
Modified means related to tools structural changes are proposed for excitation of high frequency vibrations during boring.
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