modified portland cement

modified portland cement, type II portland cement

A cement used in general construction where moderate heat of hydration is required.
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Applying the Bingham rheological model for the obtained flow curves of the modified Portland cement pastes (Figure 3), an exponential relationship was found between the different dosage of the plasticising admixtures and the paste yield stress [[tau].sub.0] (Figure 4a) as well as the plastic viscosity [[mu]].
Increasing the dosage of the plasticising admixtures (LS, PCE or MAP) from 0 to 0.8% of cement weight, not only the flowability of modified Portland cement pastes increases (Figure 3), but also their rheological properties change (Figure 4).
It was found that the superplasticiser (PCE) reduces the yield stress and plastic viscosity of modified Portland cement paste more effectively than the plasticiser (LS) and the superplasticiser (MAP).
In the case of different plasticising admixtures (different chemical composition) and their dosages (from 0.2 to 1.2% of the cement weight), experimentally the change in water demand was determined for obtaining the modified Portland cement pastes of the equivalent viscosity (Figure 5).
Figure 5 shows that increasing the dosage of the plasticiser (LS) from 0.2 to 1.2% of the cement weight, the reduction in the water demand of the modified Portland cement paste is steadily increasing from 3 to 11%, while increasing the dosage of the superplasticiser (PCE and MAP) from 0.2 to 0.8%, the reduction in the paste water demand intensively increases from 15 to 30% and from 12 to 25%, respectively.
2 with messenger wire; 9 sf polymer modified portland cement mortar; 294 lf 8" sanitary sewer removal; 206 lf abandon existing water main fill with clsm; 2 ea manholes sanitary 4" diameter type 1 frame; closed lid; 283 lf 8" sanitary sewer; 100 lf exploration trench, utilities (hand excavation); 100 lf exploration trench utilities (vacuum excavation); 23,045 lf 6" pipe underdrains fabric lined trench; 2,712 ea drill and grout dowel bars and anchor rods.
Tenders are invited for Project consists of bridge repairs; includes 75 CY channel excavation; 158 SY HMA base course widening; 22 ton HMA surface; 329 SY HMA surface removal; 5.8 CY concrete removal; 58.8 CY concrete structures; 11.6 CY concrete superstructure;870 lb reinforcement bars; 220 ft paint pavement marking removal; 49 SF polymer modified Portland cement mortar; 1 SY deck slab repair; mobilization; traffic control and protection.

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