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1) "The modular circuit can be inserted into any plant," says study leader June Medford, a biology professor at Colorado State University.
According to APC, the unit's hot-swappable modular circuit breakers let technicians reconfigure rack power by adding or replacing circuit breakers, cordsets, and branch current monitors without taking down the system.
Featuring hot-swappable modular circuit breakers, the APC Modular Three-Phase PDU allows data center and facilities managers to tailor power distribution quickly and re-configure rack power repeatedly, reducing the power distribution footprint in each row of IT enclosures.
The acquisition will enable the French group to strengthen its leading position in Brazil, its second market outside Europe after the United States, and will make it the leading supplier of modular circuit breakers to South America.
BASKAL has been fully implemented in the headquarters of Swiss Telecom PTT at Berne -- which is responsible for services across the country and internationally -- and in Olten (Switzerland) Telecom PTT Directorate (TD), using the CBIS TecNet(R) modular circuit provisioning and management solution.
The new XFF (eXtra-small form factor) platform make use of a modular port design, catering to a wide-range of system pressures and a modular circuit architecture offering high-fault-detectability enabling system manufacturers to meet technical safety requirements associated with ISO26262, the company states.
The first stage of simulation use is based on the evaluation of components --judging the performance of transistors, operational amplifiers and other devices in small modular circuits to assess their use.
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