modular connector

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modular connector

A family of plugs and sockets used with registered jack (RJ) twisted pair cables. They are defined by the number of positions on the connector that can hold a wire contact and the actual number of contacts. For example, a 6P2C connector means six positions and two contacts (two wires); however, they do not define the purpose of the wires. Common types are 6P4C, 6P2C and 8P8C.

Telephone and Ethernet
The most common uses of modular connectors are for plugging a telephone into the wall outlet (RJ-11), as well as the cable that connects the handset with the phone. They are also the plugs and sockets of RJ-45 Ethernet cables. See RJ-11 and RJ-45.

Modular Connectors
The 8P8C plug is an RJ-45 Ethernet connector, while the 6P2C and 6P4C plugs are used for telephone handsets and RJ-11 telephone connections.
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Coil category 6 utp 4 pair 24 awg copper cm, jacket with gray flame retardant,8-pin modular connector, 50 micron category 6 rj45,sc fiber optic connectors,couplet fiber sc,organizers category 6 utp cable for use in a 1u enclosure etc.
A cast modular connector also was developed and evaluated using finite element modeling and casting solidification simulation to provide an effective design (Fig.
Using patch panels that are 4U tall allows for vertical orientation (the preferred orientation by end-users) of the modular connector panels, also known as strips, plates or six-packs.
This option consist of a modular connector for interfacing with exterior energy management systems or to an internal, non-dedicated computer.
Both shielded and unshielded versions are available for purchase through Mouser Electronics, and each modular connector passes IP20 requirements for use in industrial environments.
The VB43F connects to UTP cable with an RJ45 modular connector, while the VB43FPD uses punchdown terminals.
Molex Incorporated announced today that its comprehensive SL (Stackable Linear) Modular Connector System is available in tape-and-reel packaging with pick-and-place vacuum caps.
Building on the success of its CMC interconnect system, Molex Incorporated introduces the second generation sealed, hybrid, high-density and modular connector system - the CMX family using a new CTX terminal system.
It also comes with a modular connector plus two leads and clips.
Building on the success of its CMC connection system, Molex Incorporated introduces its second generation sealed, hybrid, high-density and modular connector system.
Insilco and InNet have had a longstanding relationship since 1996 and jointly develop, manufacture and sell the MagJack family of modular connector jacks with integrated magnetics.

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