modular connector

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modular connector

A family of plugs and sockets used with registered jack (RJ) twisted pair cables. They are defined by the number of positions on the connector that can hold a wire contact and the actual number of contacts. For example, a 6P2C connector means six positions and two contacts (two wires); however, they do not define the purpose of the wires. Common types are 6P4C, 6P2C and 8P8C.

Telephone and Ethernet
The most common uses of modular connectors are for plugging a telephone into the wall outlet (RJ-11), as well as the cable that connects the handset with the phone. They are also the plugs and sockets of RJ-45 Ethernet cables. See RJ-11 and RJ-45.

Modular Connectors
The 8P8C plug is an RJ-45 Ethernet connector, while the 6P2C and 6P4C plugs are used for telephone handsets and RJ-11 telephone connections.
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The subject of the over-limit public contract is the supply of new 110 pieces of measuring boxes for railway electric traction vehicles of the Unibody type with modular connector (hereinafter "EHV"), including the antenna (Sencity Rail Antenna SWA 0859/360/4/0 / DFRX30_2) 30 m connection cables per measuring cabinet (Radox RF 142).
HARTING has announced it has developed a protective circuit housed within a modular connector in order to protect common signals in the nstrumentation and control (I&C) area and this means that both digital and analogue circuits are securely protected.
With the introduction of a new spring-loaded frame to the Han-Modular[R] building block system, HARTING is making it even easier and faster to create a modular connector that precisely fits each application.
The modular connector design described in the previous section is now analyzed for signal integrity and EMC performance.
* The Push-in Jumper Slot Connector and Push-in Jumper Slot Connector (modular connector) can be configured for test harnesses or serve as permanent pluggable connectors.
A cast modular connector also was developed and evaluated using finite element modeling and casting solidification simulation to provide an effective design (Fig.
I chose to have my wires pass through a small hole drilled in the side of the control box and end with a standard RJ-11 modular connector. RJ-11 has become the de facto standard for autoguiders and matches my SBIG STV.
The BMA Series connectors feature a high integrity push-on SMA interface that is suitable for dense modular connector arrays requiring fast and reliable connections.
Modular connector systems are available in open, blind-mateable frames, or DIN housings for panel and cable mounting.
This need is being answered by modular connectivity in the form of connector blocks and in the form of "panelettes"--per channel modular connector panels that users select and configure.
This option consist of a modular connector for interfacing with exterior energy management systems or to an internal, non-dedicated computer.
The Dual Rate Type 3 Media Filters feature a DB9 Male Connector on the filter housing side (for external attachment to a Token Ring LAN Adapter Card in the PC) and a modular connector at the other side.

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