modular design

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modular system, modular design

A method of designing or constructing buildings and equipment in which modules are widely used.
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Design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of a continuous high-pressure reactor in a modular design for use in research.
The other nice thing about the modular design for gadgets is that it reduces electronic wastage.
The modular design allows the Baseline to be configured as a single-head or dual-head machine, enabling it to process up to 76 cartons per minute.
The patch panel features a modular design and offset jack positioning to counter the negative effects of alien crosstalk.
Modular design enables a single valve envelope to answer a variety of control applications.
Effective modular design is contingent upon adherence to four major modular design tenets that determine the degree to which modules are cohesive (contain well-focused and well-defined functionality); encapsulated (hide the internal workings of a module's behavior and its data); self-contained (do not constrain other modules); and highly binded (use broad modular definitions to enable commonality and reuse).
This modular design also provides a cost-effective "single card" migration path to the best-of-breed technologies in the future--including emerging intelligent networking technologies that place application intelligence within the storage platform.
Agere has produced a modular design that can reportedly reduce the time to market for a handset by up to six months.
A new rheometer is said to combine sophisticated technical specifications and modular design.
The modular design features a monolithic base fitted with pre-fired tiles that interlock precisely with tongue and groove joints, eliminating the need for mortar.
But a trip to the annual Structural Steel and Painting Council convention in the United States allowed him to confer with competitors and refine his modular design switching from manual to air-powered winches to move the platform more easily.
NASDAQ:XLNX) has announced the electronic design automation (EDA) industry's first modular design process for programmable logic.

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