modular design

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modular system, modular design

A method of designing or constructing buildings and equipment in which modules are widely used.
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It is expected that the acquisition and maintenance of the family of training jets will cost 30% less than a conventional flight training system thanks to the modular design affording an 85% commonality in aircraft parts.
"Nicholas will be a key part of our executive team contributing to the expanding global modular design, manufacture and delivery services of Off-Site Engineering Solutions who have been pioneers in the UAE and Saudi Arabia in modular engineering, offsite manufacturing and whole of life cycle modular construction," added O'Callaghan.
Through its innovative modular design, Dellner can also provide larger systems, combining several brake assemblies or customised housings with several pistons, to deliver even more braking power, tailored specifically for customers' needs.
LG G5 failed to impress consumers with its modular design and the company is now moving in the direction of tried and tested design language.
And it is developing additional modular designs that can satisfy roasters'multiple brewing platforms.
The other nice thing about the modular design for gadgets is that it reduces electronic wastage.
Designed for energy savings and improved process control, MV1000 drives combine compact modular design, high efficiency, and low harmonies into a medium voltage drive solution.
The modular design can be configured to suit every specialty procedure.
The boltless modular design square-drive spline is the toughest tooling connection in the industry.
The modular design approach is designed to allow easy packaging line integration and product changeover.
The new Flying Eye Hospital will be built on an MD-10-30 freighter aircraft and will use a modular design concept.
Fortress has redeveloped its pneumatic valve unit into a modular design that allows the configuration of an array of valves, trapped key interlocks, and key switches in various combinations.

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