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Muslim empire of India: see MughalMughal
or Mogul
, Muslim empire in India, 1526–1857. The dynasty was founded by Babur, a Turkic chieftain who had his base in Afghanistan. Babur's invasion of India culminated in the battle of Panipat (1526) and the occupation of Delhi and Agra.
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a type of steam locomotive with a wheel arrangement of two leading wheels, six driving wheels, and no trailing wheels


a mound of hard snow on a ski slope


1. a member of the Muslim dynasty of Indian emperors established by Baber in 1526
2. a Muslim Indian, Mongol, or Mongolian
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When the boat touched the levee at New Orleans she bade good-by to her comrades on the Grand Mogul and moved her kit ashore.
One age followed another until the first years of the eighteenth Christian century saw the reign of Aurungzebe, Emperor of the Moguls. At his command havoc and rapine were let loose once more among the temples of the worship of Brahmah.
Sources close to the makeup mogul have said that the celebrity is still not over the recent events, and her current friends circle isn't the same without her best friend.
The rest of the list features many of the same celebs on the 2017 list: media mogul Oprah (No.
In the new book"You Are a Mogul" by Tiffany Pham,you'll see how to elevate yourself from see-opportunity to C-suite in your own business.
The powertrain technology company will be one of the largest pure play powertrain suppliers through the combination of Tenneco's Clean Air product line and Federal Mogul's Powertrain business, bringing together market leaders with reputations for innovation in meeting the changing needs of customers.
Last month, I traveled down to Grey Court, SC for the opening of Mogul's new spunlace facility-the Turkish company's first foray into U.S.
Andritz Nonwoven has received three orders from Mogul to supply two complete spunlace lines and one spunjet line (combination of spunlaid and hydroentanglement processes).
Federal Mogul's B2 Corporate Family Rating (CFR) reflects the company's competitive position as a global automotive parts supplier to original equipment manufacturers and the automotive aftermarket, exposure to cyclical automotive vehicle production, and its high leverage.
New York, NY, January 28, 2016 --( Mogul Wave LLC, a mobile VoIP industry leader, today announced that it has opened a new office in Chile to better meet the needs of the consumers and business professionals in the area.

MOSKOVA (CyHAN)- A joint US-Canadian attempt to change the configuration of the mogul skiing track for the Sochi Olympics has been blocked, Russian skiing officials said Wednesday.
25 ( ANI ): Rupert Murdoch reportedly has a 'terminal' rift with Tony Blair over the former prime minister's relationship with the media mogul's ex-wife Wendi Deng.