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a fabric, usually silk, having a watered effect



(1) A dense silk or semisilk patterned fabric of various hues; it is iridescent in the light. Moiré is used to make dresses, trimmings, and ribbons.

(2) Paper with a pattern stamped on the surface.

(3) Alternating dark and light stripes in an impression that result from the incorrect preparation of a halftone plate.


In television, the spurious pattern in the reproduced picture resulting from interference beats between two sets of periodic structures in the image.
(graphic arts)
Undesirable patterns that occur when a halftone is made from a previously printed halftone or steel engraving; they are caused by the conflict between the dot arrangement produced by the halftone screen and the dots or lines of the original halftone or engraving; careful rotation of the halftone screen by the photographer or engraver may minimize moiré.
A fabric finish in which the warp has yarn of harder twist than the filling, with a surface pattern resembling water ripples that is produced by engraved rollers, heat, pressure, steam, and chemicals.


Pronounced "mor-ray" and spelled "moiré." In computer graphics, a visible distortion. It results from a variety of conditions; for example, when scanning halftones at a resolution not consistent with the eventual printed resolution or when superimposing curved patterns on one another. Internal monitor misalignment can also be a cause. The term comes from the French "moirer" (to water) and is used to express a rippled, water-like look, which is often a desired artistic effect.

A Common Moiré Pattern
Reducing images with checkered or herringbone patterns often creates the Moiré look as in the above example. At the top, the pillow reduces correctly but the checkered fabric in the chair creates a swirling Moiré effect.

Halftone Examples
When printing halftones, rosettes are formed if the screens are registered properly. The magnified view at the bottom shows the misaligned rosettes, which actually create the Moiré pattern. (Images courtesy of Adobe Systems, Inc.)
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95, from Geneviere on Teesside in 1988 FUR FACTOR: Fiona Rice, above left, and Jane Ferguson model fake furs bound for Russia in 1984 after being made here in the North-east SHIMMER AND SHINE: This metallic moire suit, left, from Dorothy Perkins' 1986 Christmas range was a party must-have at pounds 69.
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Deluxe luggage tags in baby blue or tan, handmade from classic English bridle or jewel calf leather, with gold foil address card, $30 for a pair, and deluxe passport cover in baby blue, with ribbon marker, moire silk lining, and a small pocket on the inside cover, $40, by Aspinal of London.
And as the third round developed his five under total looked more and moire impressive as the leaders came back to him.
APPLICATION: The Shadow Moire method can characterize dimensional instability problems in lightweight papers in a non-contact, nondestructive manner.
Furthermore, whenever they correspond with me, every sheet of A4 carries a needless decoration occupying approximately one and a half inches down its right-hand margin, printed in varying shades of green and embellished by a moire pattern overall.
Michael Steechy's Bubble Canopy is an enchanting two films in one of spinning moire patterns.
He said he has spoken to Paddy's wife Mary, and Bobby's wife Moire as well as their sister Peg.
Attendants wore gowns of cornflower blue moire taffeta and carried bouquets of peonies, roses, and hydrangea.
Moonlake Moire then put out long-odds favourite Fawn Magic, runner-up for the Anglo-Irish International earlier in the month, but sadly a damaged toe forced Moonlake Moire's withdrawal from the third round.
A collaboration of scientists from NIST and the University of Nijmegen (Netherlands) has shown that two sets of nearly-identical nanolines created by laser-focused atomic deposition can interfere with each other to form a metrologically significant moire pattern.