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The quantity of precipitation or the precipitation effectiveness.
The water vapor content of the atmosphere, or the total water substance (gaseous, liquid, and solid) present in a given volume of air.
(physical chemistry)
Water that is dispersed through a gas in the form of water vapor or small droplets, dispersed through a solid, or condensed on the surface of a solid.



the water content of physical bodies. Moisture depends upon the relative humidity of the surrounding environment, upon the nature of the substance, and, in solids, also upon the degree of porosity and the size of the particles—that is, the general dimensions of the interior and exterior surfaces of the objects. The concept of moisture does not include the content of crystalline water or of chemically bound, so-called constitutional, water—for example, the H2O that is produced only during chemical decomposition.

Moisture is usually characterized by the quantity of water in a substance, expressed in the percentage of the original mass of the moist substance (moisture by mass) or its volume (volume moisture). Moisture can also be characterized as the moisture content, or absolute moisture—the quantity of water relative to a unit of weight of the dry portion of the substance. It is of great significance to the national economy to establish the acceptable degree of moisture for many products and materials; such substances as grain or cement are only useful up to a certain moisture content. The vitality of animal and plant organisms is possible only within certain limits of moisture and relative humidity of the surrounding atmosphere.

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Group A included patients in whom VAC therapy was applied while group B received moist wound dressings.
1*Day Acuvue Moist with Lacreon Technology is designed to give patients the freedom of daily disposable lens wear that is fresh and comfortable, letting patients' eyes stay moist and fresh even at the end of the day.
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In terms of ensuring a long-term timber supply from the moist forests, this thinning strategy has two problems.
Thus, it was established that PAHs are one of largest groups of cancer-causing substances in moist snuff.
Not as moist as I might have expected, but enjoyable.
Moist also points out that the Fraser report does not confront the fastest growing component of health care: the rising costs of drugs.
They tended not to grow toward the moist soil or colored water.
You don't have to import non-native species whose appropriateness in this bio-region might be questionable; perhaps the exotic plants won't thrive in our moist climate or perhaps they will thrive too well and invade upon natural habitat spaces, as was the case with Asian bittersweet, Japanese honeysuckle, Chinese wisteria, English ivy, and (need I mention it?
Three main ingredients are needed to cook up a thunderstorm: moist air near the ground, cold air above, and a trigger to make the moist air rise.