moisture equilibrium

equilibrium moisture content

The moisture content of a material that is stabilized at a given humidity and temperature.
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The time needed to reach moisture equilibrium can be considerably delayed and depends on the exchange rates between the bound and unbound water.
Hygroscopic materials naturally tend towards moisture equilibrium with the ambient air.
This characteristic favours drainage to deeper layers, allowing these layers to reach moisture equilibrium faster than in LVA.
Above 80 percent RH, veneers treated with chemical salts reached moisture equilibrium faster (Holmes 1977, LeVan and Winandy 1990, Leao 1993, Repellin and Guyonnet 2005, Kartal et al.
Within a 12-hr period, the desiccant material maintains moisture equilibrium in the range of 30% to 40% R.
Start by assuming that your wood is too wet, then stack it in the same room where you will install it, which gives the wood a chance to reach moisture equilibrium with the surrounding air.
Upon installation, the veneer and the engineered wood substrate attempt to reach moisture equilibrium with their new environment.
This allows them to "bloom" as they reach moisture equilibrium with their surroundings.
The residual values, which are the differences between the experimentally observed values and the model-estimated values, were plotted as a function of the estimated levels of moisture equilibrium.
Moisture equilibrium determination per ASTM D5229, therefore, yields a maximum moisture content of 1.