moisture migration

moisture movement

1. The process by which moisture moves through a porous medium, such as a wall construction, as a result of differences in vapor pressure.
2. The effects of such movement on the dimensions of a material such as concrete, mortar, cement paste, or rock.
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If there is no vent in the vicinity, check the band joists and, if they are not fully insulated, please do so by placing R-19 fiberglass or Roxul insulation tightly against the band joists throughout the crawl space and staple a plastic vapor retarder to the floor sheathing, the sides of the joists and the mud sill in each space to protect the insulation from moisture migration.
The rate of moisture migration from the inner surface to the outer surface decreases at the final stage of drying and hence leads to lower drying rates (Rajkumar, Kailappan, Viswanathan, & Raghavan, 2007).
2004) used the ray spectrum technology to measure the formation of VDP and moisture migration in the thickness direction during contact hot pressing.
Soil frost heave and thaw collapse are complex processes, involving moisture migration, change of temperature field and effect of stress field.
to propose ways to assess the impact of moisture migration in POI PT to the resource PI PT;
In many instances, the medical device manufacturer may also need to specify additional protection from UV light, as well as oxygen and moisture migration, all of which have a negative impact on shelf life and efficacy.
Moisture control guidelines to reduce negative impacts associated with moisture migration through the building envelope.
Older homes don't have a vapor barrier, but moisture migration can sometimes be minimized with a fresh coat of latex paint on the interior walls and sealing around windows, outlets and switches.
Understanding drying kinetics of banana with regards to mathematical modeling of the drying behavior and moisture migration or transport mechanism is important for the description of drying behavior, design of effective drying equipment, optimization of drying process and description of heat penetration mechanism during drying process.
It protects RF connections at the antenna and Remote Radio Head (RRH) using an easy-to-install slide and twist concept that prevents moisture migration into the connector interface.
Findings showed that a partial replacement of sucrose with Palatinose[TM] in freshly packed donuts leads to an extended shelf life stability through the unique carbohydrate's ability to control water activity and moisture migration.
Non-isothermal moisture transfer--the process of moisture migration in soil under the influence of a temperature gradient, has been studied obviously insufficiently.