molding plaster

hard plaster, gauging plaster, molding plaster

A quick-setting plaster to which retarder has been added to control set; used in the finish coat.
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Then he spreads on layers of molding plaster. It stiffens quickly -- often in 10 or 15 minutes -- so he can do multiple coats.
MATERIALS * Molding plaster or pottery plaster (I purchased plaster from a building supply company in 50-lb.
You will need fifty pounds of molding plaster and a single bag of Zonolite or Vermiculite.
Recovered system fines (approximately 10%) are used in the foundry's molding plaster mix, representing a double cost saving because disposal costs are eliminated and fine sand purchases made unnecessary.
Materials: Clay, small natural objects (shells, seed pods, insect husks), molding plaster or Plaster of Paris (approximately 3-5 lbs.), container for casting (small cans such as tuna or small portion cans), small kiln, pewter in grain form for casting (small objects will take an ounce each), ladle,tongs, gloves and hot pads, wax and a candle for softening it.