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In the Monadic Concept, each respondent is shown only one proposal, with one price, and asked his purchase interest.
In an attempt to give order to chaos vis-a-vis Language, every writer participates in a process of Tikkun, whether he or she is a Kabbalist or not; but moreover, in an attempt to create meaning and sense, every writer is a mythmaker whose work is a monadic book that reflects the infinite Book that eludes us all.
Making these distinctions can help us understand, among other things, how Leibniz can account for significant differences between different types of actions while maintaining that all monadic activity is teleological and spontaneous.
A property may be a monadic property of one substance, or a relation between two or more substances.
IN MERSEY Alianca River | , a bulk carrier carrying animal foodstuffs from the US; DS Blue Ocean, a container vessel coming from Portugal; Perseus J, a container vessel sailing on to Ireland; Wes Gasa, a container vessel; Thea II, a general cargo vessel; Thor Monadic, a bulk carrier carrying steel plate and coils from the Republic of Korea; Philipp, a container vessel coming from and returning to Spain; and Stena Alexita, a tanker carrying crude oils.
Section 6 proves that Monadic Second-Order logic can be model checked in elementary FPT time parameterized by twin-cover, and Section 7 contains the concluding notes and discussion.
Describing the 'Modern World' in completely monadic fashion is unhelpful to say the least.
If I want to use traditional philosophical terminology to describe this phenomenon, I could say that the towers of Babos are not monadic.
The original results of BE-chi and Rabin state the decidability of monadic second-order logic (monadic logic for short) over infinite words and trees respectively.
3) Shakespeare's "sonnet rooms," Donne's "compass" and "high noon," Shelley's "West Wind," Keats's "Urn" and "nightingale's song," Yeats's gold birds and towers: the reduction of the world's multiplicity into a monadic symbol is at the phenomenological core (pun intended) of lyric poetry.
Let's suppose the first is a monadic predication in LF; and the second, a doubly quantified conjunction of dyadic predications.