money supply

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money supply:

see moneymoney,
term that refers to two concepts: the abstract unit of account in terms of which the value of goods, services, and obligations can be compared; and anything that is widely established as a means of payment.
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The decline in money supply indicates bank lending to private and public sectors is falling, due to decrease in domestic demand.
The apex bank also said that the slowing rate of money supply would however not affect the country's relatively fast growth.
The money supply aggregate M2 - a calculation of money supply that includes all the elements of M1 as well as savings deposits and other money market instruments such as fixed deposits which are less liquid - increased by 2.
The rise in Money Supply Aggregate M1 is attributable to an increase of Dh2.
The analysis distinguishes between short- and long-run causality, and, importantly for the conclusions of this paper, identifies the long-run relationship between output and the money supply.
After the introduction in the first section, Section II provides a profile about the money supply and inflation trends in Pakistan.
However money demand and money supply dynamics determines interest rates, which consequently impact a country's monetary policy objectives.
According to QNB Group, Qatar recorded the highest money supply growth rate in the region during the first quarter of 2013 (37.
Key words: Money Supply, Trading Volume, KSE-100 Index
26, 2012 (CENS) -- With inward remittance of foreign funds boosting the amount of demand deposits at banks, the annual growth rate of M1B, money supply in narrower definition, advanced to 3.
That is, to increase the level of base money in the hopes of increasing the rate of broad money supply growth and inflation.
The main driver of money supply growth is credit expansion.