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Whether a newer monitor is working is completely unimportant, as long as the vacuum tube is intact, the screen is unscratched and the phosphor is not burned in.
However, the vast majority of CRT shipments will be to less-developed countries, as more advanced markets will almost completely switch over to LCD monitors by the end of the forecast period.
As Jorge Vizcaino, ViewSonic's general manager for Latin America, emphasizes: "We offer the most comprehensive line of traditional and flat-panel monitors in Latin America.
The TABS Sidekicks pressure pads and industry-leading TABS mobility monitors combine to make the most versatile and cost-effective fall monitoring system available.
Bohlken Bai's owner, Joe Thrift, will also custom design a monitor to fit your office or home decor.
The statement recognizes the inherent problems of having an individual monitor his or her own performance and encourages small firms to be monitored by qualified individuals outside the firm-particularly when the firm takes on new clients in an industry not previously served.
Additional printouts for the Fuel Monitor 2000 include the date, time, indoor and outdoor temperature averages, room temperatures, status of the boiler (on/off) and the total day and night running times of oil/gas and hot water.
Finance -- The T220's small-footprint yet large-screen is ideal for a trading desk, which often holds up to six monitors displaying an array of highly detailed data, from financial indicators and trading volume to cable news networks and e-mail with customers and other traders.
Suppliers' forecasts include more sophisticated materials requirement planning (MRP) functions; systems branching out to monitor auxiliary equipment like dryers and robots (some already do); and monitoring of other cyclical processes such as blow and compression molding (some systems can already be applied to other processes with little or no modification).