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1. short for monophonic
2. monophonic sound; monophony


(software, .NET)
An open source .NET framework for Unix.

Mono Home.


(1) See monochrome and monophonic.

(2) (Mono) An open source cross platform implementation of Microsoft's .NET environment from Xamarin, which is a Microsoft company. Mono includes a just-in-time (JIT) runtime engine for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android and compilers for C# and Visual Basic. An assembler for the intermediate language (ILasm) is also provided. Mono compilers for other languages are available, including F#, Java, JavaScript, Scala, Python, Lua and PHP. See JIT compiler.

A Monkey on the Move
Meaning "monkey" in Spanish, Mono was developed by Ximian, Inc., which was founded in 1999 as Helix Code by Miguel de Icaza and Nat Friedman. Ximian was acquired by Novell in 2003, and Mono debuted a year later. After Attachmate bought Novell in 2011, it had little interest in Mono, and its developers moved to Xamarin, de Icaza's new company. In 2016, Microsoft acquired Xamarin to keep the .NET platform expanding. For more information, visit See CLI, .NET Framework and DotGNU Portable.NET.
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The tie-up with the Isle of Man Constabulary will see the Mono used as an active member of the force's fleet and the vehicle will also be on show at a number of local festivals to encourage safe and responsible driving.
The Mono is regarded as the world's only street-legal single seat supercar.
Clip the bitter ends of the mono strands so that they extend below the hook point enough to provide protection.
The Pyrenees mono cervical plate system is the third offering in the Pyrenees family of cervical plates, which also includes the Pyrenees constrained cervical plate system and the translational cervical plate system.
If the Mono Bucket support system runs into difficulties when applied to a relatively light met mast, is it really the optimum support for massive wind turbines of up to 8MW rating?
Algunos monos fabuladores se organizaron socialmente con la promesa de un paraiso.
El mono gramatico se presenta en la obra de Octavio Paz como una cima y un testamento, un pliego de mortaja, una herencia y un ritual que el poeta eleva como un sacrificio a esa figura cuyo sol lo hermana y lo devora y lo hace capaz no solo de descifrar el sentido oculto de las escrituras sino de hundirse en ellas con todo y sombra, con todo y Esplendor.
The new Brother mono laser printers are built for durability and robustness.
Monos y brujos son dos tipos de seres estigmatizadus por la cultura occidental Se considera al mono como un pobre ser que se quedo en el pasado, incapaz de evolucionar.
It's called the BAC MONO and it's made, or rather going to be made, by a couple of brothers from Cheshire.
When part of Premier Food's Sarsons factory in Manchester was brought to a halt because of a progressing cavity pump failure, it turned to NOV[R] Mono[R] for the supply of a replacement part from their Mono Universal Parts (MUP) range, which was delivered to site two hours after the call.